How can you?

Well, how can you expect to spent all your time with someone who doesn't intend to spent minutes on you. How can you expect to look into her eyes and get rid of all your worries when she doesn't even gives a damn about what you care. How can you expect her hand to slide... Continue Reading →


‘Can I’

I look at you and lose myself over and over, And suddenly the whole class turns sober, And as your beautiful eyes meet mine, The world seems to exhibit an uncertain shine, And so, I wanted to present you with some questions, Hoping that there'll be no rejections, That this world will embrace our story,... Continue Reading →

Verge of First Year

So, today was the last regular class of the first year of engineering. Of course I'm left with exams but today it felt like a phase passed away. Yep I'll miss the whole class cause that is what made it what it was. Yep I'll miss the fun filled soft skills and physics classes. They... Continue Reading →

Perks of Unrequited Love

And somehow in spite of heartily craving her all day and night you won't get her. You won't get the bliss of her hands holding yours when you would need her, you won't be able to feel the taste of the lips you've always dreamt of kissing, you won't be able to pull her cheeks... Continue Reading →

Seven Days

Prologue Sidhart and Aisha get into a useless argument just because of the hectic life they have to face because that's how this world is. Day 1: Aisha I'd already told you that I can't take a day off from work. I'm already stuck in with a lot of work so please stop asking me... Continue Reading →

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