Walking Away

  So here it is, the time when her presence doesn't bothers you even a bit. She walks around, She plays with her hair, And you aren't stunned, For you don't care, Anymore! Look out for the endless sea of possibilities and pick out the ones after your wise observations. Be less bothered by grace... Continue Reading →



  It's my second Rakshabandhan here in Chennai and this day is nothing like what it used to be two years before. If the present year would have been 2015, I would still be eating the chocolates with my sister which I would had gifted her. She would had offered me my least favorite sweet... Continue Reading →

Moved On.

It's just half after four in the morning and I'm already awoke. I'm so sleep deprived these days thinking of us ending up together even after all these fights we've had, even after all the pain you've inflicted me with, even after all the tears you've caused me to shed. I want to text you... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

  He doesn't care about me. He did scold me too much as I was about to step on a thorn. He could've easily warned me about it mom but no he had to scold me. Sometimes it feels like he doesn't even love me. After complaining to his mother's portrait he decided to open... Continue Reading →

How can you?

Well, how can you expect to spent all your time with someone who doesn't intend to spent minutes on you. How can you expect to look into her eyes and get rid of all your worries when she doesn't even gives a damn about what you care. How can you expect her hand to slide... Continue Reading →

Perks of Unrequited Love

And somehow in spite of heartily craving her all day and night you won't get her. You won't get the bliss of her hands holding yours when you would need her, you won't be able to feel the taste of the lips you've always dreamt of kissing, you won't be able to pull her cheeks... Continue Reading →

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