But then, I met you

I never used to smile, After hearing a specific name, Never used to wish to be paired, With someone for the game, I was habitual of happiness, Which stood independent of all, Used to abstain from daydreaming, About flirting over call, I wasn't interested, In watching love stories, I used to be more concerned, With... Continue Reading →



The valentine's week has begun, And today is the propose day, My mind had already spun, All the probable scenarios that could sway, Like how would she smile, When I would present her the rose, Or if she would blush and make it senile, As I would proceed to propose, How she would hug me... Continue Reading →

Lesson from a human

अगर कुछ मलाल था तुम्हें हमसे, तो हमसे आके जिक्र तो करते । अपने विचारों को हवा देने से पहले, हमारी भावनाओ की फिक्र तो करते । खुद को ऊंचा आक लिया, हमको नीचा मान के, अफसोस होता है यारा, तुम्हारा ये चेहरा जान के । आशा नही है तुमसे हमे, किसी भी पछतावे की,... Continue Reading →

Love awaits.

    Mike liked Jenny with all his heart, But their story hasn't found a start, So he cosulted his friend for aid, But Rachel quickly forbade, 'Cause she'd feelings for him, And accepting would've led them brim, Nonetheless Mike made her concur, Which led certain feelings to occur, Everything was well-planned and well-executed, But... Continue Reading →


  I always believed the things you told, As if under the influence of blindfold, Your 'I love you', was what i needed to hear, Oh! How I wish you would reappear, Your touches of sensation which felt like magic, I still desire to feel that ecstatic, I remember all the kisses you rushed, And... Continue Reading →

Deepest Desire

  If you've everything you had desired, As you are now a singing star, You have the costliest vodka with you, What would you possibly wish for, It would be the person you loved the most, Kissing whom used to set you on fire, With whom you enjoyed raising every toast, It would surely be... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

*********Deepest kinda love********* It's​ the love that makes her wait for you, The love that you can taste in her food, The love that makes her worry effing much, The love which tolerates your being rude, It's the love that gets you extra chapati, The love that serves as the best alarm, The love that... Continue Reading →

‘Can I’

I look at you and lose myself over and over, And suddenly the whole class turns sober, And as your beautiful eyes meet mine, The world seems to exhibit an uncertain shine, And so, I wanted to present you with some questions, Hoping that there'll be no rejections, That this world will embrace our story,... Continue Reading →

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