Moved On.

IMG_20160904_154544 (1)

It’s just half after four in the morning and I’m already awoke. I’m so sleep deprived these days thinking of us ending up together even after all these fights we’ve had, even after all the pain you’ve inflicted me with, even after all the tears you’ve caused me to shed. I want to text you to come to me and end up all our fights and clear every misunderstanding we have.
But I realize that of all we’ve, misunderstanding isn’t one of them. Now I do realize that this can’t work out that you aren’t the one I should be with. And now I don’t feel the need to message you anything but a sentence which says ‘I’ve moved on.’ . I realize it is a bit childish to text you that but that makes me happy after all the pain I’ve felt. And now I’m going to bed not because I should be sleeping but because after all this time, I finally do feel sleepy.


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