Deepest Desire


If you’ve everything you had desired,
As you are now a singing star,
You have the costliest vodka with you,
What would you possibly wish for,

It would be the person you loved the most,
Kissing whom used to set you on fire,
With whom you enjoyed raising every toast,
It would surely be what you deeply desire,

I see you have a sexy Porsche,
But I know what you do miss,
It’s the ride that you both had on horse,
Which was succeeded by a kiss,

I know millions love to listen to you,
And that you just want to sing for one,
Whose soul now rests in peace,
Alas! death can’t be undone,

I see you just go to 5 star clubs,
And drink in order to feel alright,
But still one of your best memories,
Is when you two sang and danced all night,

I know that beautiful women are,
Dying to be with you in your car,
Unaware that the one you’re dying to be with,
Is probably now a bright star.



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