Father’s Day



He doesn’t care about me. He did scold me too much as I was about to step on a thorn. He could’ve easily warned me about it mom but no he had to scold me. Sometimes it feels like he doesn’t even love me. After complaining to his mother’s portrait he decided to open up her chest to distract himself.
The dusty chest opened up after a bit struggle by the fifteen year old as the lock and key had rusted. In it he found his toys with which he used to play when he was quite young. They made him smile. He played with them for sometime and then kept them back. Next he found a notebook with it’s cover all scribbled up. Yes, it was his handwriting but he didn’t remembered anything about that notebook. So, he opened it, the first page read, Hi thus is Raj. I’m eight years old. I love my perents. I’m very excitud abut my bicycle which dad is bringing tomorow. He couldn’t smile reading this.
He turned the page. It read, Hi this is Raj. Today I rode my bicycle for the furst time and I didn’t evun fell down. Dad was holding the bicycle for the whole time. I surely would’ve fallen witout him.
He turned to the next page saddened, it read, Hi I’m Raj. Today I tried to ride my bicycle on my owm and had fell down. I was hurt and startid crying. Dad and mom came running. I thought dad will scold me for riding on my owm but he picked me up and started playing wuth me and even made me ride more. I luve him.
He turned to the next page. Hi this is Raj. Today I was very sad due to the scolding that I got frim school and so I didn’t had and fud. It was twelve p.m. and dad took me to an ice-creum parlur to get me my favurite ice-creum. It felt very gud. Love you dad and thunk you.
Withtears in his eyes he ran into his dad’s room and told him he was sorry! He hugged him hard and went to sleep.


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