‘Can I’


I look at you and lose myself over and over,
And suddenly the whole class turns sober,
And as your beautiful eyes meet mine,
The world seems to exhibit an uncertain shine,

And so, I wanted to present you with some questions,
Hoping that there’ll be no rejections,
That this world will embrace our story,
O what a whimsical glory,

So, can I walk up to you?
To have a more clearer view,
So that I may fully enjoy your smile,
In a manner this world considers senile,

Can I pull you towards me?
‘Cause believe me together awesome will be we,
And as the gaps between us will be filled,
Trust me a whole new passion will be instilled,

So, can I just rush a kiss?
Answer this ASAP miss,
‘Cause an all new fire is waiting to ignite,
Yep beloved you heard it right.


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