Verge of First Year

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So, today was the last regular class of the first year of engineering. Of course I’m left with exams but today it felt like a phase passed away.
Yep I’ll miss the whole class cause that is what made it what it was. Yep I’ll miss the fun filled soft skills and physics classes. They had something in them which made them special and they were the special teachers. I know you both are not here but thank you for making this semester fun. The English and P.D.D classes will also be missed a bit at times when my mind would wander for the memories of first year.
Yep I’ll miss the friends I’ve made but anyways we’ll be in touch and will probably land up in the same class.
I’m happy that I don’t have to make any more E.G charts except for the exam of course and yes I do miss the hardware lab faculty, she’s too exquisite to be forgotten.
But most of all I’ll miss the glimpses I used to get of that special girl because there’s a strong probability that we won’t be in the same class again and although I’ll hope for the best but then again this world is a fucked up place.
I’ll miss staring at her along with the short glimpses I used to get. I’ll miss the waves her hair create. I’ll miss the person in those elegant and simple kurtis filled with activeness coupled with passiveness, with grace coupled with a neglectable bit of tomboyishness , with a delightful nature coulped with nice gestures. She wasn’t the most exquisite looking person in class yet she was a special person in this place because she is different from the lot and to me she is somewhat the most admirable person. I still have a blur image of her scalding look at the airport.
Though in a way we’ve never talked in person yet I feel we’ll soon do so. I was about to initiate the conversation today but then my physics model wasn’t good and that kinda spoiled the day. We still have the pre-sems in the same class but then she’s different from the lot.

I’ll miss the waves your hair create,
Along with the adorable pretty smile,
I’ll miss the elegance you carry,
Almost each and every while,

I’ll miss the times when I looked at you,
I’ll miss the glimpses I used to get,
I’ll miss your turning back at times,
And the moments when our eyes met,

Hope all this extends at least until next year,
Until then let’s see if this heart misses you dear.


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